Emmanuel School of Mission

Give all. Get more.


A year to open yourself to others.
A year to broaden your life.
A year to place God in the center.


The Emmanuel School of Mission (ESM) New York City is a nine-month program offering New Evangelization formation in the Catholic Faith to 18 to 30-year-old men and women.


Become a Missionary Disciple.

If you spent next year at the Emmanuel School of Mission in New York City, what would it look like?

  • An immersive experience lasting from October 1st to July 1st

  • Sharing life with up to 20 other students from around the world. Current students from the USA, Australia, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, France, Germany and Ireland

  • Daily prayer, Mass, Eucharistic Adoration and praise

  • Classes in theology, anthropology, culture, and evangelization

  • Outreach to the homeless, street evangelization, and parish missions

  • A pilgrimage to Rome, the heart of the Church’s mission

  • A certificate from the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome for completing the program

“The missions were the opportunity to proclaim the love and mercy of God for each person.”


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“Every teacher taught us through his lecture but also through himself what it means to be Christian.”



“Thank you to the ESM. You are an inspiration and light to the world.”

-Cardinal Timothy Dolan


"Dear young people, we didn’t come into this world to “vegetate”, to take it easy, to make our lives a comfortable sofa to fall asleep on. No, we came for another reason: to leave a mark."