Theological and Intellectual Formation

  • A solid foundation and understanding of the Catholic Faith rooted in the Word of God
  • Giving tools to reflect on the most important questions of our time
  • Applied to dialogue and encounter with people of all religions and beliefs
  • A dynamic pedagogy including seminars and presentations, personal and guided study, exchange with people on the street
  • Allowing real personal development and a maturing of Faith

Spiritual Formation

  • Grow in personal and community prayer
  • Discover the deep dynamism of Liturgy and the power of the Sacraments
  • Put daily Eucharist and Adoration at the core of your life
  • Integrate silence in your life
  • Retreats and pilgrimages
  • Experience the living Word of God
  • Learn to be attentive to the action of the Holy Spirit and to God's will
  • Share with students of different culture
  • Learn to live for others, go from theory to practice
  • Learn to accept yourself and the Mercy of God
  • Benefit from personal support and companionship


Study for a deep
foundation in faith

Holy Scripture

  • The Bible and Divine Revelation
  • Introduction to Old and New Testaments
  • Study of particular books from the Bible

Dogmatic and Theology

  • Creation, Incarnation, Redemption, the Holy Spirit
  • The Church, Mary, Communion of Saints, Eschatology
  • The Sacraments


  • Introduction to the Liturgy
  • The Liturgical Seasons
  • Practical training

Life and Society

  • Theological Anthropology
  • Fundamental Ethics
  • Theology of the Body
  • Natural Family Planning
  • Understanding Bio-Ethics
  • Catholic Social Thought

History of the Church

  • Panorama of Church History
  • History of the Church in Asia
  • Christian Art

Pastoral Theology

  • Theology of Evangelization
  • Spirituality of Evangelization
  • Evangelization in a non-Christian and Asian context: inculturation, dialogue, ...
  • Methodology and Practical Formation
  • Faith and Reason


World Religions and Ecumenism

  • Christian Denominations
  • The Mystery of Israel
  • Islam
  • Buddhism
  • Hinduism
  • Taoism
  • Paganism and New Age

Formation of the Person

  • Understanding the Human Person
  • How to grow in freedom
  • The specific vocation of man and woman
  • Learning to listen


  • Prayer
  • The Holy Spirit in Christian life
  • Living with the Word of God
  • Spirituality of the Saints
  • Living Compassion
  • The Identity and Mission of the Laity
  • Priesthood and Consecrated Life


  • Media and Mission
  • Acting session


  • A full-time residential community life.
  • Staying together with up to 20 students from all continents.

A formation resolutely turned towards mission

Pastoral Formation

  • pastoral experience on the ground
  • school, university & parish outreach
  • service of compassion
  • missions in New York and through-out the USA
  • more than 40 days on mission

How to Evangelize in Today's Multi-cultural Context

  • Reflect on religious freedom, inculturation, inter-religious dialogue, and ecumenism
  • Communicate the Gospel to young people, children, adults, believers and non-believers
  • Participate in local, national or international youth events

Develop Your Skills

  • Singing, music, guitar class, liturgical services
  • Creativity, drama, musicals
  • Communication